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We all have items that we don’t use any longer. Why not sell them and make some money?

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Sell (Almost) Everything.

As long as it will ship and it follows our guidelines, you can sell it.


Sell These Items:

  • Movies
  • Mannequins 
  • Beauty Products
  • Video Games
  • Household Items
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • More 




Examples Of Sold Items.

Store:  saveurway
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Store:  saveurway
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Store:  saveurway
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Millions of Potential Buyers.

An audience that is ready to shop and buy from sellers like you! From your hands to the buyers. Couldn’t be any more simple.


Selling Made Easy.

It only takes a few minutes and listing is completely free. There is a small fee once your item sells and the buyer receives the item. 
  • 1 Take A Few Pictures.

    • The first photo should be the best, as it will be the main photo of your listing
    • Make sure your item is on a flat surface that is a solid color.
    • Use your flash or make sure the room is well lit while taking the photos.
  • 2 Add a Description.

    • List a good description of the make, model, brand, age, and condition.
    • Make sure to be transparent if there are any defects, dings, or dirt. 
  • 3 Name Your Price.

    • Look up similar listings to see the price that others are selling your item for.

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Take photos and add products quickly and easily.

Add your product for sale at a competitive price. 

It’s as easy as sell, ship, and receive your money.

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