Vendor Policy

Seller Guidelines-Free Vendor Account Registration! 

Sabellz provides a marketplace for you to sell . To ensure delivery of the seller’s merchandise, Sabellz provides trackable shipping options with an insurance value up to $100. Once the item is confirmed as delivered, your buyer rates you, and if your buyer is satisfied with their purchase, ching chang! You receive payment.

If buyer claims unsatisfied with purchase with a good reason, then transaction is placed into resolution (read our resolution guidelines for seller).

Sellers must receive a satisfied rating from their buyer to get paid (buyers have 2 days to rate seller or Sabellz gives seller a rating on the third day of buyer not responding). Please follow our Seller Guidelines and remember that all sales are final upon your buyer’s Rating.

  • Listing must be a legal item owned by the seller
  • Selling of the item must not violate any local, state or federal regulations
  • The item must not be on Sabellz’s Prohibited Items list
  • If required, the seller must transfer all rights to or remove any restrictions on the merchandise at time of purchase
  • For optimal sales, provide a detailed item description including:
    • Size
    • Brand
    • Condition
    • Proof of authenticity
  • Provide clear photos taken by the seller and showing details of the product’s condition- must be actual photo and stock photos of the item can be included.
  • Sabellz provides seller with a prepaid shipping label when an item sells
    • Select the proper weight class and ensure that the package meets USPS dimension requirements
    • The seller is responsible for any shipping overages
  • Sabellz handles all shipping labels.
  • Seller must ship the item within 1 – 4 days of purchase
  • Sabellz must be able to confirm delivery through a valid tracking number
  • Sabellz is not responsible for orders sent without valid tracking
  • Sellers can request their payment through Bank Transfer or Instant Card Transfer after buyer’s rating ( buyer must complete rating within 2 days of confirmed delivery).